This month marks the 3rd year of Secret Salon Society. That's right… we are threenagers, and like all good threenagers, we are are still growing and learning, and being challenged and improving the model, and of course throwing a tantrum here and there.

Whilst Secret Salon Society is three short years young, I registered my first ABN almost 16 years ago (sweet 16 challenge accepted). It's safe to say I have pretty much been through it all, yet still most of the time feel like I am winging it and know absolutely nothing. I am sure you can relate.

It is not enough to just ‘know that you want your own salon', or ‘know you don't want to work for someone else'. You have to have a clear WHY. For me, I did not have a why until I started SSS. I just knew that I liked to do things my way, and wanted to have control over my work. The problem is, when things are great, you feel amazing, but when times are challenging, you doubt everything. Knowing what you want and having your WHY firmly planted in your brain will remind yourself through the tough times. It will keep your feet firmly planted and allow you to keep motivated.

Some tips for how to figure out what you want:

1. Write it all down. How does it look? Your perfect day/life situation. Do you want to be a small business operator, mum, wife, dinner on the table at 6pm each night? Do you want to travel and motivate your peers and educate around the globe? Do you want to own a small chain of salons and step away from the floor? Write it all down, and be sure to write down WHY this is important to you.
2. Create a vision board. Now I admit, I am the worst at half baked vision boards, but, I know they are effective. If you can't find the time for cutting and pasting, then simply pop a few pics on your desk of what you want. Another tip is to change your screen saver and home page on your smart phone to reflect something you desire. I put a pic of NYC on my phone a couple of years back, and it only occurred to me when I was standing in front of the Flatiron Building in April that I had manifested this accidentally!
3. Tell someone. Like winking at a boy in the dark, unless you communicate what you want, how can anyone support you. I don't care who you tell, talk to your dog for all I care, but verbally communicating your desires will make a difference. It sounds so different when it is spoken out loud.

So that's it folks, short and sweet, and my number one tip for 36 months in business.

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