When I opened my salon, the first thing I did in the preparation to opening was my logo design. I wanted a really professional start, and having all my branding in alignment was really important to me. Nowadays it's just as, if not more important. I opened my salon prior to Social Media, so having great signage, and business cards was about as good as it got. Now, there are websites, Social Media plus all the normal signage etc… so many things to think about, but, you MUST think about it.

The ever wise Melanie Gleeson from Endota Spa once said ‘Make your brand appear bigger than you are'. Did you know she started the empire that is Endota with just $5K? A good chunk on this went into her branding, and the logo is the same today as it was all those years ago. Investing in good quality logo design and taking the time to put together a brand is important.

So why is this important? Having a brand will actually make your life easier. Having branding guidelines (fonts, colours etc) will help keep your look and feel consistent, and you don't have to think up new ideas every social media post or campaign which is a bonus. It will help you stay focused. You don't need to reinvent the wheel every time. Take McDonalds for example. Love them or hate them, those golden arches are iconic. You would never see random hot pink arches or a different shape etc. Just because you are getting bored with something, does not necessarily mean your audience are. Keep it aligned and keep it consistent.


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