Choices and Concequences

Every minute of every day we have choices to make. Some are hard, others are on autopilot. Some feel amazing to make, others… well… sometimes we do things we know damn well we shouldn't be.

When we go out into the world of owning a salon, we are choosing a better life for ourselves than the one we currently have. What we don't realise, is that we will have to make choices all the time that have consequences. Sometimes we get it deliciously right, and other times we fuck up gloriously.

What do you do when you get it wrong? Well, you can either go into blame mode, and everyone else is at fault but yourself or you can own it and take responsibility. I don't know too many people who grow by placing the blame on others all the time. You may not even realize you are doing it! If you use the word ‘but' then you are not taking ownership. Using the word ‘but’ in the middle of a sentence negates everything that came before it, which means you don't believe it to be true.

Now for the tricky one. What do you do when you are on the unfavorable end of someone else's or another companies poor choice. Again, you too have options. You can ignore it. Move on with your life in your own direction. You can also choose to take pity on yourself. This is fine for a short period (think a glass of wine and a block of chocolate), but don't stay there too long. Or, you can stand up for yourself and show the other party that there are consequences for poor choices when they affect others.

Some examples of this may be a random negative review on social media, or client solicitation from staff or a competitor making false claims to better themselves and make you look foolish or incompetent. Always ask yourself “What do I want to gain from this?” then ask yourself “What is the likelihood of that being the outcome?”. You need to know this going into a fight as you could end up consumed. Revenge is never going to end well, but, elegantly (and sometimes assertively) taking a stance to protect yourself is necessary. Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself, because nine times out of ten, they know they made a poor choice, and there should be consequences for their actions.



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