I get it. Evenings are the only time you have peace and quiet to smash out work at the computer. The books, the pays, the budgets not to mention the socials! I totally get it, and I spent the best part of a decade going to bed late. I would often feel like my best work came at about 9pm. You get on a roll and before you know it, it's midnight.

I saw no problem with any of this until I saw a kinesiologist about my 3am wake ups and stress levels. She informed me that if you consistently stay up working late, you trigger your adrenal gland, and stay in constant ‘fight or flight' mode. Think about it… back in the cave man days, there is no way ‘man' would be up late. We would be tucked up in our caves ready for an early morning hunt. Our brains don't understand the difference between responding to a social media troll at 10pm or a bear about to attack our family in the middle of the night. Around 9:30 each evening, our Adrenal gland kicks in. It knows we should be tucked up in bed, but we are not, so it hits us with some adrenaline, because that bear could come through the door any minute to attack us and we need to be ready!

My biggest tip is to go to bed early. Ideally 9-9:30pm, and train yourself to wake early and get that work done. I naturally wake up at about 5am most days now, and get a good 2hrs work done, have my coffee, clear my inbox & set my to do list. If you had of told me 5 years ago I would be waking early, prior to 7:30am, I would have laughed at you. I was NOT a morning person, but like everything, it took time and persistence. I handle stress SO much better now. I start each day with a clear, rested mind, and I don't yell as much at the kids either!

I challenge you to give this a go. Bed at 9pm up at 5am. Give it a good week or two, and remember to set your intention on WHY you are getting up early. I'd love to hear how you go, and if this helps your productivity & stress levels.

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