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Larissa MacLeman

Salon Owners Collective
Salon Owners Collective is an online community with the mission of inspiring and empowering Salon Owners from around the globe to grow beyond owner operator. Turn your ideas into a reality, build successful businesses and live with clarity and purpose.
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Melanie Else

She Got Happy
She Got Happy empowers and inspires women to take back control of their happiness. She Got Happy breaks down the notion of happiness and make it achievable for the everyday woman, through humor, authenticity, compassion, creativity and fun.

Jessica Giles

Chic Money
Feel as though you just can’t get your money game together? Despite your best efforts debt is mounting, money goes out faster than it comes in and there never seems to be anything left over.
Kim Colour

Kim Barrett

Your Social Voice
Over 80% of businesses don’t know how to effectively market online, luckily that is where Your Social Voice comes in. We are specialists in lead generation, ensuring that you can take control of your business, generate more engagement, leads and ultimately sales.
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Dianne Kennedy

Small Business Know How
Helping small business women know how to optimize their business, maximizing wealth and minimizing tax. Promoting strong and sustainable growth, while meeting the owners work-life balance desires and reflecting their ethos and individuality.

Julia Mann

Lash Tribe
Award Winning Lash Artist & Trainer, Speaker, author, Business & Branding Coach and Youtube Guru. I am here to help new as well as struggling lash artists to be amazing and confident at lashes, with raving clients and a profitable business.

Carissa Hill

Carissa Hill Pty Ltd
I'm a "rapid business growth coach" and I want to help you grow your business FAST. My philosophy in business is: "Be Real, Have Fun, Make Money & Love Life".

Louise May

The Results Project
You want growth, increased income, more clients walking through your door? Together we will go through your business, break it all down and rebuild it. Systems, Processes, Streamlining. The aim of the game is to work less as the owner and make more income for yourself, your team and your business.

Sommer Louise

The Mindset Mentor
Do you wonder if there's more to life than what you're currently living? You want to figure it out, re-ignite that fire you used to have in your belly, start taking steps towards a life that's energising, inspired and in alignment with who you are...a life that's about you!
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Caitlyn Menzel

Summit Salon Coach
Summit Salon Coach’s mentoring programs have been created for hard-working hair and beauty salon owners who want to take their business to the next level. Our programs will empower you to grow your salon into a seamlessly profiting business, which will provide you options of how often you choose to work in your salon.

Kurt Simpson

Northern Digital Marketing
When you combine the in-depth targeting now available on platforms such as Facebook along with content based funnels, retargeting as well as world-class direct response advertising strategies, it’s a recipe for meteoric revenue and profit growth in any business.