Some people are c*nts

As I sat in my car waiting for a carpark (the all day staff ones) a lady was sorting through her mail and standing at the rear of her car. She glances over at me, and continued to stand there for another minute or so. I was happily, patiently waiting, but it got me thinking…. how hard is it to acknowledge that I was there, maybe smile, maybe hurry up a little? I thought to myself, ‘What is wrong with people? Why is it so hard for people to show a little common courtesy? I walked into the office and said to my team “Some people are c*nts”.

Back in April, I had a little rant. I had paid for and completed a very high end very pricey coaching program. I had no problems with the program as such, but the coach who ran the program 100% over promised and underdelivered. I was always going to finish with flying colours. I am a teachers pet and an over achiever, and it is in my personality to give things 150%. However, there was this feeling that she had “checked out” a few months in. Like a good student, I blamed myself and thought that maybe it was just me. Turns out ALL the other students in the program felt the same way, and in fact, there were a few who tried to exit the program early, and bore the brunt of the the nasty side of the coach who held their lively hoods to ransom for a while. This infuriated me. Why on earth would you want to keep people in a program that do not want to be there? Who benefits from this? Why would you deny relief to these people who were going through genuine financial hardship, relationship stress and even victims of natural disasters and continue to show off in your YSL high heels. It is cruel, disgusting behaviour, and so I called her out on it.

What I was not expecting were hundreds of comments from people who have had similar experiences with coaches, product companies and other suppliers to our industry. When I thought back over the years, there were a number of companies who I had dealings with who over promised and under delivered. I can vividly remember purchasing a loyalty system from a company in Sydney. This was when key tags and points systems were all the rage. I remember I spent a lot of money, and when I took delivery, there was crickets. Tumbleweed. No support, no help, no one cared. The system did not work for my salon, and the next thing I knew, this company had gone under. Many salons lost a lot of money. I now see that recently the director has started up under a different name, different business and off they go again.

This whole experience is what has lead me to create the Secret Salon High Society. I have a very strong intuition. I practically run my entire life in a place where if it does not sit well, I don’t do it. I thought to myself, there needs to be a place where coaches and industry suppliers are “pre vetted”.  There also needs to be a place where you can try before you buy and get to know people before you give them your hard earned. The Secret Salon High Society has a number of amazing partners who we have proudly done the ground work on. These partners feel just as strongly about protecting our industry as I do.

And I feel very protective of salon owners. I remember like it was yesterday that anxiety and stress that comes with running a salon. It makes me feel sick to think that there are people in our industry who are just waiting to pounce when someone just needs a life line. Someone to talk to. Someone who can help them and empower them. Not promise the world and deliver a law suit when they want out. In the High Society you can learn, meet and ask before you buy. This is important, because some people are c*nts.