When you started your Salon, you may have had a big dream, or a smaller vision of what it all looked like. The advice most commonly given would be to ‘start small, and introduce things as you grow'. This could be referring to staff, stock, company set up, tech or websites etc… My tip, is to IGNORE THIS ADVICE! My advice is to start with the end in mind. Yes it is more costly and takes more time, but it will be more costly in many situations to undo decisions made early on.

Now I am not talking about hiring 15 staff before you open necessarily, but if your plan is to not work on the floor in your salon for example, why would you start on the floor, build up a clientele for yourself, get too busy to systemise, then hire and try to pass the clients to your employee? You are much better off starting out with a staff member, maybe a manager, even part time, and work alongside this person as salon co-ordinator, building the systems as you go. I understand there has to be cash in the bank to pay them and yourself, but with the right planning, you will have this covered quickly.

Another example of starting with the end in mind is company set up. If your plan is to have a large salon or two that hires many staff, why on earth would you start as a sole trader? Ignore the accountant, and start as a company. It will save you SO much hassle as you grow, not to mention protect your personal assets.

I would also encourage you to start with the end in mind when it comes to hiring staff. Sure, when you are interviewing, and they start off, everything is new and fun and positive, you don't even want to dare think about when they leave, however, in my experience most staff will at one stage leave. Make sure you are running your business like a business, and have things in place such as employment contracts & an exit policy (think social media, keys, client data etc). It is hard stuff to think about when you are building a positive working relationship, but when the end comes, you will be pleased you did. Becoming a member of the AHC or HABA is a really cost effective, and great way to get all the info you need in relation to HR when you are starting out.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. It is one that I hold dear to my heart, and question all the time with SSS, but it has never failed me. Starting with the end in mind future proofs your business and allows you to have the growth you desire with minimal hiccups.


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