Choices and Concequences

By Kristy / October 26, 2018

Every minute of every day we have choices to make. Some are hard, others are on autopilot. Some feel amazing to make, others… well… sometimes we do things we know damn well we shouldn’t be. When we go out into the world of owning a salon, we are choosing a better life for ourselves than the one…

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By Kristy / August 8, 2018

FACE YOUR FEAR One thing I have been asked time and time over, is ‘How come you are so fearless’? My answer is always the same. Because I choose to be. Aristotle believed courage to be the most important quality in a ‘man’. “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others…

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By Kristy / June 7, 2018

EAT THE FROG We all do it… we put off the things we don’t want to do until the last minute. Be it the uncomfortable meeting with staff member, or phoning the supplier who’s account is getting larger than we can handle. There are many things about being a business owner that we have to…

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By Kristy / May 3, 2018

BRANDING When I opened my salon, the first thing I did in the preparation to opening was my logo design. I wanted a really professional start, and having all my branding in alignment was really important to me. Nowadays it’s just as, if not more important. I opened my salon prior to Social Media, so…

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By Kristy / April 6, 2018

TAKE A BREAK Yesterday was Sunday, and I purposefully didn’t post my tip. I intended to, but we were having such an amazing family day, that I decided not to do any work. I just wanted to enjoy the time with my family, and after a busy week, I deserved it. Allow yourself to take…

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By Kristy / March 2, 2018

START WITH THE END IN MIND When you started your Salon, you may have had a big dream, or a smaller vision of what it all looked like. The advice most commonly given would be to ‘start small, and introduce things as you grow’. This could be referring to staff, stock, company set up, tech…

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By Kristy / February 1, 2018

EARLY TO BED EARLY TO RISE I get it. Evenings are the only time you have peace and quiet to smash out work at the computer. The books, the pays, the budgets not to mention the socials! I totally get it, and I spent the best part of a decade going to bed late. I…

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By Kristy / January 31, 2018

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT This month marks the 3rd year of Secret Salon Society. That’s right… we are threenagers, and like all good threenagers, we are are still growing and learning, and being challenged and improving the model, and of course throwing a tantrum here and there. Whilst Secret Salon Society is three short years…

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The email that made me cringe…

By Kristy / November 21, 2017

When staff leave, sometimes you are high fiving, sometimes you are hurt, often you are just a bit nervous. It is not just the hair and beauty industry that has to deal with the risk of client solicitation and gossip during this time. I just received an email from my Osteopath and it made me…

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Don’t be a dummy when you open your Salon

By Kristy / November 11, 2017

This is how things typically go with our industry.   Me: I want to open my own salon Accountant: Great! Let’s just start you as a Sole Trader and when you get big enough, we will change you into a company (Lazy accountant who is not taking you seriously) Me: Ok great (phew. Company sounds…

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