Yesterday was Sunday, and I purposefully didn't post my tip. I intended to, but we were having such an amazing family day, that I decided not to do any work. I just wanted to enjoy the time with my family, and after a busy week, I deserved it. Allow yourself to take a break.

Even the best jugglers can't keep all the balls in the air forever and at times, you need to choose which ones you will put down, and allow yourself a rest, otherwise you will risk dropping them all. My suggestion, is frequent mini breaks. This should be a time where you don't turn the computer on, step foot in the salon or look at social media. The reason I suggest frequent mini breaks, is because this is totally achievable. You won't set yourself up to fail. If you can pick one day per week, then go for it, or, even better, would be to pick an evening a week that is just for the family, or a total switch off. In an ideal world, we would clock off at 5pm each day, but we know that's not going to happen, so pick one night. A wise woman in my life has a Wednesday night ‘games night' with her family. She orders takeaway, they all switch the phones off, and they spend the evening playing board games. I LOVE this idea.

Switching off and having regular mini breaks will in turn fill your energy cup back up, and help you remember why you are self employed in the first place. I hope you enjoyed my fifth tip!


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