Top Mothers Day Marketing Tips

With Aussies spending into the billions when it comes to showing mum how much we love her, Mother’s Day is a massive revenue-raising day for a variety of businesses. The good news for salon owners is that trends indicate that consumers are increasingly buying experience-based gifts, such as beauty and pampering packages, over traditional flowers and chocolates.
Rachel Taylor from The Global Beauty Group shares her 4 expert marketing ideas to get the ball rolling on your Mother’s Day promotions!

1. Create delicious custom packages
Mums are unique, varied and colourful individuals, so instead of deciding what mums will like with a rigid, stock-standard Mother’s Day special, why not celebrate mum’s uniqueness by personalising your packages? Create a “3-step treatment menu” where the gift givers can choose from a range of options that best reflect their own mum. Here’s an example, but get as creative as you can with mixing and matching your own signature services:

Step 1. Select a hair treatment (Style cut or Colour/highlights or Keratin treatment and scalp massage, etc.)
Step 2. Select a facial (anti-ageing facial with a LED light therapy machine or Microdermabrasion Machine or Skin needling, etc.)
Step 3. Select a free product (Intense moisture hair treatment or Hyaluronic acid sheet masque or Peptide anti-ageing moisturiser, etc.)

2. Get the family involved
Kids are the main gift buyers for Mother’s Day, so look at ways you can include them in the experience and market it as a great opportunity to spend quality time with mum. This is a clever strategy for increasing your sales profits as the gift giver pays for a 2-person experience, rather than spending just on mum alone:
“When was the last time you spent quality one-on-one time with mum? Take time out with our “Mum and Me” pampering package this Mother’s Day season. There’s no better way to show mum that she deserves the best!”

3. Ask, “Would you like brunch with that?”
Eating out is a popular way to celebrate Mother’s Day, so why not make your Mother’s Day pamper packages even more enticing and delectable by including a discount voucher to a local restaurant or cafe? Team up your favourite establishment — they can specify their own terms and conditions, plus they’ll love all the extra business you usher in for them!

4. Be a social butterfly
Advertising your Mother’s Day promotions and packages across your social media platforms is a must, but also make sure you’re providing valuable and interesting information in the lead up to the day that steers clear of the aggressive sales pitch. Why not post fun facts and statistics about motherhood, inspirational mum-related quotes, and you could even hold a “Like Mother, Like Daughter” look alike competition where the winner scores a free pamper session for mum, or a gift pack loaded with yummy hair and skin products.

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